About Me 簡介我自己


I am Eric ‘Spanner’. Eric is my name, and my family name is HUANG, or WONG, or 黃. Spanner indeed is the name of a tool also named wrench, and the name of my sausage pillow, and the name of a sausage character.

I was born in Hong Kong on 13 April 1977. I write, for writing is something I can handle it better. I sometimes comment others’ view too often, do other things regardless urgent or not and necessary or not, and making my writing in a slow progress.

I has started my web writing since 1996, and the blog-like form since 2002. The correct Chinese name here is 肥力合集, however, I use the traditional writing order, which is from right to left, printing the name on the top.

The cartoon character you see above is Airo, an airplane. He does have a belly. So do I.

Please feel free to comment on the spelling and grammar of this short passage, by using CBox at the right-hand side. Also please enjoy your surfing here.

不妨叫我Eric ‘Spanner’,或肥力吧。Eric是我的名字。我姓黃。Spanner是扳手或士巴拿的英式叫法,也是我家中抱枕的名字。從抱枕我想到一個漫畫角色,他和他的同類都叫「腸」




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