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Sunday, January 28th, 2007

14/F of Eastern Fu Tak Building turned into a gallery yesterday. It was originally a home-studio, and would return to the original shape after yesterday. Even it became a temporary gallery, some traces of home could still be found. I cannot present it in a picture, but still can tell it in words.

Visitors first came across three TV sets, which each one was showing a video in DVD, and one of the TV sets was playing a DVD with a selection list. There were two cushions and a pair of stools placed before the TV sets, and let you watch the videos just like you watch them at your home. The videos were shot or collected by B and another B, I guess.

Then visitors could meet an oven, with our third B in housewife-like costumes, and in an apron. She was baking, and the baking stuffs were placed on a table with the oven. Our baker also brought some home-like atmosphere, and you could taste her work. However, you should not expect any dairy products or eggs in her bakings, for she does not consume any.

Near the street side windows, you would met a pair of loudspeakers, which was working. It is known that the pair was a work of a non-HK artist, and he or she left the work after he/she had finished it. You would also see a pot of plants, which was from one of the Bs, and another B’s namecards. I can say, B the baker had nothing related there. The plants and the cards came from the pair of Bs offered us videos. R’s handcraft, which was folded birds in black papers, was being hanged before the loudspeakers. Her namecards were placed near a TV sets.

Some photos, which came from the pair of Bs offered us videos, also caught visitors’ sight. They were hanged on walls, like pictures or photos in living room. They were not the reflection of families or relatives, which you might found in some living rooms, but were showing the thought or the taste of the home host, if there was one.

Yesterday Fu Tak Building, Wan Chai was opened to general public for visit. The opening is one of the programme in 2007’s City Festival, which the organizer is Fringe Club, Central.


Sunday, January 21st, 2007







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Monday, January 1st, 2007