Weekly Review: 20050522-20050528

20050522, Sunday.

Still spending time in HOI II. Slow progress in Northeast battlefield. in Europe side, the Reich has to fight with the Soviet, but in a hard time. British mearly destorys Italian Army in Africa.

20050523, Monday.

Evening Thai lesson. After learning this language for nearly 3 years, I can read plenty of words, of course the pronounciation is something need to be improved. Also the vocabulary, which is called khamsap (คำศัพท์) in Thai. Still, a slow progress can be seen, only if more time and effort be put in.

The topic of this lesson is education.

20050524, Tuesday.

Finally have a phone chat with Bee. She was still depressed for her graduation project in mid April, and got all done in early May! It is a real surprise. We keep on chat and chat. We exchange some ideas about ‘decisive battle’: that is, if two sides in a long-term conflict, should a decisive battle is a must and inevitable. She follows my example of a conflict in office, and says it is hard to imagine someone disappeared from the office suddenly (i.e. lost in the such kind of decisive battle). I wonder if it is more acceptable in society, which a party or a camp be destroyed in conflict.

Well, often get stucked in quarrels or fights of outsiders or between myself and other people, and get obsessed with the idea of ‘decisive battle’.

20050526, Thursday.

ROC army finally liberates Norhteast and destroys Manchukuo. Gets a bridgehead in Chosun Peninsula.

20050527, Friday.

Meet Erica and Get her materials of the interview with Mackie’s. It is a work taken too long. We talk about life, love, future and the magazine of Youngrenmin. Since my suggestion of closing down the magazine, the magazine not going any further, though the members and friends are in contact. It is not feeling hard to closing this common work lasting for 9 years, but it is better to preserve the contribution of us and our contributors.

HOI II: The Korean Republic is established. ROC Army moves itself to Fujian and Northern Vietnam, for another phase of war.

20050528, Saturday.

The first attempt of attack Hanoi failed. Japanese has a good defence and utilize the jungle well. Finally I have an amphibious assault in Central Vietnam coast, which make the final collapse of Japanese front. Also no more return of France.

Now is 1945. Reich is overhelmed by Red Army. Italy follows suit. US and UK make their D-day also. De Gaulle returns home and have to bargain with Belgians for soil. Franco falls too.

After the independence of Indochina, I shift my army to Japan. Taiwan has been liberated. A sudden landing makes Japanese abandon Kyushu. In November, my land force is strong enough to occupy Hiroshima, and Tokyo falls in the first quarter of 1946. The home of Imperial Japan is being overran.

Yes, addicted to the game for whole PM.

Often want to response with the news around me: CE election, copying of blogs, Lee Ka-Shing donation, the quarrels between Protestants and sexual minorities… but not ready to speak something OK for them, or others.

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  1. Eric 'Spanner' Says:



  2. TMF Says:

    你的”khamsap”,讓我想起韓語(”Chosun”語也可以,這是北韓的說法。目前韓國[所謂「南韓」]的新拼音法是Joseon,但韓國人是叫韓半島的)的謝謝”Kamsa Hamnida”,有些香港人會故意念成 “Hamsap Hamnida”。教育是我一個長期關注的topic。

    我雖不打機,但我很享受你帶給我們的歷史旅程。”D-day”快到了,原來列根(Reagan,一譯雷根/ 里根)也快去世一周年,連佛朗哥也來了。

    在內河上 我在內河上
    誰還在內河上 猶如做夢那樣
    但奈何沒有天橋 跨不過這隻臂膀
    曾將你壯麗忘掉 如果有這需要

    夢到內河 張國榮


  3. Riyuejun Says:

    多謝Spanner的解釋,”kamsa hamnida”!印象中有一首叫「夢到沙田」的歌。

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