Weekly Review: 20050515-20050521 (Life)

20050515, Sunday.

I had bought a pack of Hearts of Iron II last Friday and I still ‘test’ it. It was quiet hard for you to be ROC, even you started in 1936. You have your infantry in 1918 class and CCP have 1936 class, and alpine troops plus forts. How can you beat them before the Xi’an incident, which is set to happen before the history, in April or May 1936?

20050516, Monday.

Today’s Buddha’s Day and it is a holiday for government staffs. Have a rest at home. Got something updated: hkifflink, a new article for my blog and some movies’ basic facts.

20050517, Tuesday.

Still doing update work for cinemathai.com. Still worrying about future.

Change in new supervisior. Another young woman, but fond of Hello Kitty. Recall once CH Ng said: it is common that HK office filled with funny stuffs like toys and merchandises, but not in Japan.

20050518, Wednewsday.

Tried HOI 2, using KMT China this time. Using 15 months to make peace with CCP, crush Li of Guangxi and Long in Yunnan. Also some technology advancement.

20050519, Thursday.

ROC is in her 2nd quarter of 1937. The random generator of the game brought Marco Polo Bridge Incident happens in early June. Of course using save-n-load to delay it. Now is 8th July, no incident so far.

20050520, Friday & 20050521, Saturday.

Still addicted in HOI2! Had the time flies to 1st Quarter of 1942. ROC army occupied the north of Vietnam but cannot push any further. Xinjiang regime has been beaten but still stands. The northeast front is better, with a slow but continuing progress.

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  1. notarbartolo Says:

    nice to meet you!
    its interesting to read ur “我的一百項,2003+2004″

  2. TMF, aka Siu P Says:

    You say LI of Guangxi, is he LI Zongren (LI Tsung-jen 李宗仁)? You know I’m fond of history. How come there is no MAO Tse-tung?

  3. Eric 'Spanner' Says:

    I could not beat the invincible Chairman Mao in 1936, for his Red Army was better equipped. It is still hard for me to defeat him in 1940, for his better defence.

  4. Riyuejun Says:

    你說的「新疆政權」是指盛世才(SHENG Shih-tsai, 1892-1970)的麼? 我對偽滿州國(有人說Manchuria這個英文字不對,但我卻仍然常常用,Northeast China很別扭)的歷史也有興趣。

    歷史的天空 (內地電視劇「三國演義」插曲)

    作曲:谷建芬 填詞:王建 演唱:毛阿敏

    暗淡了刀光劍影 遠去了鼓角爭鳴
    湮沒了黃塵古道 荒蕪了烽火邊城
    歲月啊 你帶不走那一串串熟悉的姓名
    興亡誰人定 盛衰豈無憑
    一頁風雲散 變換了時空
    聚散皆是緣 離合總關情
    擔當生前事 何計身後評

  5. Man Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  6. Man Says:

    seems quite an interesting game. i heard of it, but don’t know that’s related to China. I used to play a game made by the same company, called Europa Universalis, which is Europe from 1492 to Napoleonic period. Hard but interesting. I clicked the link and wondered even the map layout was similar

  7. Eric 'Spanner' Says:

    Manfred: you can choice any nation the sceanrio offers… an interesting setting really.

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