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the new papa

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

新聖父是德國人若瑟‧拉青格(Joseph Ratzinger),聞說是保守派。他取號Benedict XVI,「官方」譯名該稱本篤十六世。

想到本篤會。本篤會,老牌修會也,惜未熟會規背景,只知會祖為聖本篤(St. Benedict)。香港也有聖本篤堂,於沙田圍,於九十年代中落成,建築風景甚為現代化。


May our ‘papa’ rest in peace

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

Perhaps it is not very appropriate to call him, the Late Pope John Paul II, as ‘our’ ‘papa’, though the word of ‘Pope’ has a meaning of ‘papa’ or father, and people are already diversed for the term ‘our’ and ‘papa’ and ‘our papa’. His work for us should be remembered, even though I cannot agree all of them.

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