Few extracts from my Krungthep Journey

Arrived. Traffic Jams and Bus. Finished the film watching, Thai and Foreign. Met a friend (and only one?). Pantip Plaza, a place much larger than Golden, I mean both. Walk and riding in MRT, BTS and buses but no taxi. Sanam Luang covered by green cement blocks, and kites in the sky. Too many salespeople sometimes. Bad Speaking Thai, I mean myself. Spending moneys on DVDs, VCDs, some publications, food and snacks. Long and good sleeps. Unsatisfactory air-conditioning in my hotel room, but the rent is OK. Spent too much in mobile sim cards. This is my second time using Internet here.

Return home coming Tuesday.

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  3. Pook Says:

    Sorry, for unreply this time, my life was so busy that preriod. However,Krungthep is enchancted and a good experience for everyone :)

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