Films that impressed me in 2004

A yearly review at last. No countdown, no top 10, but all ‘new’ films, which means release in 2003 or 2004.

Fanchan (TH/2003)

Yes, I wrote some 4000 characters for it. I watched 3 times last year. It tells a well-structured story of childhood, and packs many childhood elements neatly. A film for us who born in 1970s.

Macbere Case of Prom Pi Ram (TH/2003)

A movie distributed by a large Thai movie enterprise, but still have something to tell. It portrays the indifference and greed of men. Male characters in the film simply lead to the death of the main female character.

Adventure of Iron Pussy, The (TH/2004)

Indeed the 4th episode! Apichatpong mixes drag queen, and extraordinary love relations into the world of old Thai movie : love between rich and poor, action, dubbing dialogue, songs and dance.

Barbarian Invasions, The (CA/2003)

Hey, here is the blog of one of the webmaster of, but not! Let’s talk about some other movies. The volume 2 of the story of Remi, which let viewers wait for 17 years. A black comedy, and the dream of neo-conservative seems come true: dying leftist(s), return of family value, declining Catholic belief (how about Protestant?), and a free, free market, which overcome most of the barriers in daily life.

Revolution won’t be Televised (IR/2003)

A documentary tells a failed coup in Venezuela. However, this piece catches me is the conflicting middle class and grassroot in Caracus. Using a HK phrase, both sides have “nothing to say”. They have no trust and few understanding to another side and said another side is too greedy. Would it happen here?

Mcdull, Prince de la Bun (HK/2004)

Mcdull is still attractive, even though the smart Mcmug have only few scenes. Some songs in this animation caught me, say Mingri Tianya (original sung by Roman Tam and composed by Joseph Koo), and Wo de xin le zi you ta (Only him/her in my heart, this time by At 17).

20, 30, 40 (HK+TW/2004)

Sylvia Cheung, the director and one of the main character in the film, first murmurs, and last confirms in the film, “Yes, I am a woman that no one wants.” A positive attitude at last, and it enlightens me. Some good singing also, including Bobby Chen and Angelica Lee, another main character.

3-iron (KR/2004)

Kim Ki-duk, a director with lightning working speed. This film takes less than 2 weeks to shoot. It tells how a urban nomad gets the heart of a wife, whom has been abused by her husband.

Before Sunset (US/2004)

Also have it written. Good friends that can keep on chatting, something let people envious.

Nobody knows (JP/2004)

4 brothers and sisters, under 15, struggling for their lives in a gloomy apartment. However, you cannot meet expected tears and sorrow in this film, and with few worries.

Shutter, The (TH/2004)

A horror film, its scaring ability is better than Pang Brothers’ Eye 2, The. The story telling surprises audience, and the film can warn you don’t be so hestitate.

Tropical Malady (TH/2004)

Lively, like his first feature Blissfully Yours (2002). Apichatpong tells another love story outside Krung Thep (Bangkok, which plenty of Thai movies have their story there), and brings folklore, surrealism and sacrifice into it.

Old Boy (KR/2003)

Park shall make his revenge trilogy this year, 2005. I am waiting any DVD boxset of Park’s revenge trilogy. In the episode 2 of this trilogy, Park mixed taboo, taking revenge, violence, common wrong acts in a good piece of work. Nearly forgot to put it into my 2004 film list.

Kung Fu Hustle (HK/2004)

A well-built theme park, no matter as a world of martial arts plus kung fu (of course a 20th century ‘no FOX’ version), and as a reconsturction plus mixture of 1920-30s Shanghai and 1950s Hong Kong. The storyline is a bit weak, be honest.

4 Responses to “Films that impressed me in 2004”

  1. 小西 Says:

    I like 20 30 40 and the scene you mentioned too. I’m delighted by the accompanied “little earthquake” of the scene.

    To be sure, the part played by Lee Sin-ji is my favour, its lesbianism touches me a lot.

  2. Eric 'Spanner' Says:

    tinywest, sorry for my late reply. i am not very sure whether lee and the hong kong girl fall in love or not, but their common situation let them support each other and get more and more intimate. of course, as we can see, their relation worsen for a while, and they miss and care each other at last.

  3. 小西 Says:

    I do think they are fallen in love with other, in the last instance. To be sure, at the begining(the scene of changing room), Lee is not sure whether it’s friendship or erotic love. But, in the last instance, Lee just brave up, and dare to declare her love to the HK girl with a kiss - her smile after the kiss just tells the truth.

  4. 收買佬 Says:

    Hey Eric:

    Kung Hei Fat Choi !!!

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