Mourn whom lost their lives in recent Indian Ocean Tsunami

I fear it is too late to mourn them here, however, if you like to know how Hong Kong Chinese think about this incident, or make more contribution to those survived, please click the following Chinese links:


Feelings links grouped by deki deki的感受連結
Oxfam HK Asian Tsunami Donation Page 樂施會亞洲海嘯捐款網頁
(專於災區重建 Specializes in Reconstruciton)
HK Red Cross Asian Tsunami Donation Page 紅十字會亞洲海嘯捐款網頁
(專於提供救援物資及尋人 Specializes in Aid Provision and Seeking people)
World Vision HK Donation Page 宣明會捐款網頁
(專於家庭生活支援及提供應急物資 Specializes in Supporting Family and Aid Provision)
UNICEF Asian Tsunami Donation Page 聯合國兒童基金會亞洲海嘯捐款網頁
(專於兒童支援及提供應急物資 Specializes in Supporting Children and Aid Provision)

For those living in Hong Kong, you may make your donation through HK Caritas, HK Catholic Diocese and/or HK Salvation Army.


(Information from HKiBBS and Zilu@HKEJ)

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