From the chat of Before Sunset (2004) (Live + Movie)

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Many people around me talked about this film, first are those not in Hong Kong, and later is my Hong Kong friends. As they praised this film so much, I saw it last week.

I had not watched Before Sunrise (1995?), and perhaps lost some fun when I watched Before Sunset. However, I have some thoughts after I watched the long long chat between Jesse and Celine, not because of Celine’s American accent.

It is so good for some old friends meet together after losing contact for years, and it is ideal if they can still exchange ideas freely, no matter things about past or present, themselves or others, just like Jesse and Celine did. I envy such opportunities, even though I had enjoyed some before. One of my friends has the ‘ability’ of talking with me so free, and continually. We talk and talk everytime we meet, and our phone chats seem no end.

In this sense, I understand why Jesse left his plane to home and stay in Celine’s home in Paris. It is not only for one whom he loved before, or his bored family life. It is always not easy to have someone you can talk with, and, enjoyably.

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  1. 一方 Says:


    感謝你的留言. 你是我的blog改用了unicode後第一位留言的人, 實在值得紀念, 沒有不回覆的理由啊 - 雖然現在已經有太多煞有介事的所謂紀念的東西了.

    戀愛這回事很難說的準的, 放鬆一點吧, “新果自然來”哩, 到時已經不是你想不想/主動不主動的問題了. 愛情來臨時, 柏林圍牆也擋不住哩.

    我的經驗是, 如未曾戀愛的話, 改變一下自己(輕輕的便可以了, 全改的話已經不是你自己的本來了), 什麼方面也好, 愛情的契機很自然的會出現的. 因為, 外在的一切改變, 機遇也好挑戰也好, 最初是來自一個人本身的改變, 不管是對人的還是對事的.

    我把你的Blog加進我的連結了, 不介意吧?

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  3. 范克廉 Says:

    Before Sunrise 的 DVD 我倒是有的。


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  5. 一方 Says:

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  7. sidekick Says:

    “I envy such opportunities, even though I had enjoyed some before. ” <–好鍾意呢句~~ ^o^
    我看痞子蔡的書, 都會恨得牙癢癢的. 常想:”假如我有這樣的對手, 我也能談這樣的情~~” :p
    (其實, 實行起來會很累人的…)

  8. Eric 'Spanner' Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:

    It’s always so good to have someone to talk to…


  10. 蜻蜓 Says:

    這是一套很好的電影, 下集比上集更好, 因男女主角都成熟了, 亦滄桑了. 他們訴說為何沒有遇見的理由….婚姻的困境…..
    失之交臂的愛情, 重遇更叫人惋息….

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