May I take away?

We often request eating house — no matter Mc, Cafe de Coral, or the cafe in hotels which offer buffet — let us to take food we paid away, or offer meals that can take away. In present days, as a veteran bulletin board system user, I often read the request from board masters that like to have a backup, in soft-copy, of the article collection of their boards. It is certainly precautional, for rebuild the collection if the system of bbs crashed, and all the backup lost.

I wonder blogger or other blog system offer such services. We are confident to the system of course, or we just use other means to publish our stuffs on web. However, to lessen our possible rebuild job, may I know that if have such feature, or consider to provide it among us?

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  1. Eric 'Spanner' Says:


  2. 思存 Says: 似乎還未有很完善的備份功能, 但他們說可以用以下方法做備份:

    我自己沒試過 (也沒認識人做過)。記得要儲存原來的template。

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