Move is always not easy

Perhaps you know that I have pledged to move most of my articles here, including mypaper and my daily sketches. Of course it is not an easy job, which all movings are more or less difficult.

Fortunately, as this week have some public holidays, the first part of moving seems very smooth. Around 15 articles from mypaper and my daily sketches have been settled. Some of them have been published in Youngrenmin Online too. However, due to unknown reasons, my template just ruined and I have to rebuild! I built a backup of necessary add-on as a result.

5 Responses to “Move is always not easy”

  1. tungpo Says:

    For template, I had similar experience before. It’s terrible.

  2. sidekick Says:

    有沒有人告訴你, blogspot的貼文日期是可以更改的? :)

  3. sidekick Says:

    噢, 是我看漏眼了… :p

  4. Eric 'Spanner' Says:

    //pad tungpo

    in this situation, my primitive html knowledge helps. it let me know where i should put the necessary tags.

  5. Eric 'Spanner' Says:

    如果不用這個功能,我的舊文就擠在一堆了 :p

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